Let us introduce you to Connectaclick, Lleida.net definite solution for contracting processes.

Combine SMS and registered email to close contracts with your customers. Simple and with full legal validity.

Being a tailor-made solution, for this demo we are showing just one of the multiple possible combinations.

Connectaclick demo circuit

Your customer will receive a registered SMS and a registered email.

A One Time Password is sent to you via SMS.

The email contains a link to a web and a PDF with the contract.

By clicking on the link, your customer is redirected onto the website where he/she has to enter the OTP previously received by SMS.

Signed contract. You will receive a registered email with your customer's reply.

Your customer's data

Connectaclick sends by registered SMS an OTP (One Time Password) to your customer. The contract is sent by registered email.

Your customer needs to click on the link provided in the email and enter the OTP received in the mobile number for closing the contract.

Both numbers are randomly generated for this demo.

You must enter your customer's mobile number and email address.





Getting the certificate

Enter the email address you want us to send the contract.

This certificate will provide the email address the proposal was sent to, the time of the delivery, the content, the user's phone number, the OTP, the IP address from which the contract has been accepted, Lleida.net esignature and the time stamp.


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